Stern Extensions


We have stern extensions available by order. Typical lead time is 3-4 weeks in most cases. For more information please email All are supplied as loose fiberglass part(s). Installation is not included.


36 Scoop Extension - $725

Cascade 36 scoop extension


36 Extension w/Step and Storage - $1,325

Cascade 36 Deluxe Stern Extension


42 Extension w/Hatch - $2,100

Cascade 42 Stern Extensions

Steps may be available depending on specific installation arrangement. Some 42 extensiosn are installed with steps cut back into the original transom. Others use individual steps bolted to the transom, or a short stainless ladder with SeaKing Starboard type step treads. Please email for more information.

Stern Extension Installations

Installation typically includes bonding the extension to the hull with thickened epoxy, glassing and fairing the joints, and finishing with awlgrip or similar. To aid in installation and increase the joint strength, through bolts or screws from the extension flanges into the transom are also commonly used. Depending on the instllation engine exhaust and other through hulls may need to be relocated. It is also highly recommended to inscribe the hull number in the hull side (aft end starboard top edge) or stern extension when the original number is no longer visible. A fiberglass savy DIY'er can instal their own extension. Those less confident in their glassing skills should consult with, or employ the services of a professional or skilled friend for a structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing result.