What's My Boat's History?

What Year was my hull laid up?

Locate your hull number (HIN), generally around the upper right corner of the transom (back end of the boat). The last two digits will be the year. So YCSxxxxxxx83 would be a 1883.


Other info from the hull number

The first the letters are the manufacturers id code (MIC). 'YCS" denotes vessels built by Cascade Yachts, from before 1967 up until 2007. The next 2 numbers typically denote the boat type/length, such as a 29 or 36. The next three are normally Cascade's hull number for the boat, such as number 024 or 138. For example, YCS29138B795 simplifies to YCS_29_138_B7_95, which would be a Cascade 29, the 138th hull built of the 29's, and built in 1995. HIN's starting with "CAS" were built on or after 2008 by Cascade Yacht Works. For more info on HIN's visit this website www.boatsafe.com/nauticalknowhow/hin.htm


Was my boat a kit or factory finished?

Who was the original owner?

Were there any specific changes made to the rig, keel, or rudder from the standard design?

Unfortunately, we no longer have information available for any specific boats built with hull id numbers starting with YCS. This information has been lost over the years before Cascade Yacht Works aquired the molds, plans, etc for the Cascade line.


You might try surfing the Owner's Forum for more information about some or the boats.